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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of 8/6/12

OK, we made it to Northern Virginia!  We are settled into our suite...will be here for 30-60 days depending on how things pan out with the new house.  Jarek & I did a little exploring today.  We found a Kohl's (got a few back to school things), Michael's (things to make some simple thank you cards), Target (odds & ends) and checked into our mailbox service.  Now, time to do the laundry, but before I go...here are my 3!
1)  Memory Jars - OK, how many of us have little trinkets, bags of sand or rocks, stray sea shells all from places we have been?  Well, this is perfect!  You don't have to use an apothecary jar, any jar will work...base it on what you want to put inside.

2)Stampin' Up Owl Punch - Love It!  I have seen this all over blogs, Pinterest, and other crafty sites.  And it is not just for owls...I have seen penguins, ghosts, reindeer, bats, monsters, tulips...and the possibilities go on!  This is definitely on my wish list.

3)  Rhinestone Ornament - OK, I saw this on Pinterest and followed it back to it's link...where you can buy them.  Well, I like the angel, but once I saw this little ornament my mind took off...the possibilities!  Imagine a champagne ball with a rhinestone monogram and a fluffy bow at the top...perfect gift for a girlfriend.  Or just pearl swirls all over and a lacy bow...or a white ball with a black Stickle zebra stripes and a big, fluffy hot pink bow...I could go on, but you get the idea.  I think I know what I am making for Christmas gifts!

I hope your week is off to a great start.  Enjoy!

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