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Friday, August 17, 2012

Looking for the Rainbow

This quote sums up my week and the perspective I am trying to have...We started the week  with multiple little issues to deal with on the selling of our house in Ohio ad the purchase of our house in Virginia.  Nothing major, but all things that  had to be taken care of before we could go further in the process.  Stressed out does not even begin to describe what I have been feeling... Thankfully, I think they have all been handled and now we just need to wait on our final offer on the house in Ohio and then we can close on the house here. We have bought/sold over 5 houses and have NEVER had issues like we are having this time.  I am ready for my 'rainbow' after all the 'rain' we have had :)

On Tuesday, we registered Jarek for school.  He will be a freshman...where has the time gone.  The school is impressive with a lot of great attributes.  The staff seems to be very helpful and supportive of the students.  maybe this will be the year for Jarek to finally realize that you can get great grades and be cool :)

After a little debate, I gave in and let John join the Army Navy Country Club.  He and Jarek are such avid golfers that it really did make since...and they have a lot of other things.  Tennis (not that any of us play...yet), several pools (one is an all adult!), fitness center, and social events.  It will also be an opportunity for Jarek for employment and individual growth.  So, we are members of a country club...how snotty does that sound?  We will be going to our first social event this evening.  John and Jarek will be playing in a father/son tournament tomorrow.  I guess it will be worth it.

Yesterday we ventured to a nearby outlet mall to do some back to school shopping for Jarek...and a few things for mom and dad.  Besides what is in the (rather blurry) picture, Jarek got:  2 pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts, 5 more T-shirts (they are a part of the "school uniform"), a hoodie, another golf outfit and a couple pair of jeans.  Yes, you do see purses in that picture...my treat for putting up with my two boys while shopping :)  DH bought them for me.  I also got an outfit.  DH got a few things, too.  It was a fun afternoon.

On to the weekend!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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