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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of 8/13/12

What a week lat week was!  It was our first week in VA, my birthday, and time start getting used to the crazy traffic is area.

For my actual birthday, DH & DS brought me some beautiful roses and took me out to dinner which included cocktails.  After dinner we did presents back at "home".  It was a nice quiet evening.  Then on Sunday I went to my sisters, who is now only 2 hours away, and had dinner with her, her family, and my parents.  It has been awhile since we have all been together to celebrate any one's birthday.  Kevin, my sister's husband, made a delicious dinner...I think she might have helped a little :)  My dad made a cake...pineapple upside down.  It was a nice afternoon.  That evening I had dinner with my DH at one of my favorite restaurants, Mimi's...I didn't think there were any in VA.  What a treat!

OK, now on to a new week...still trying to get everything settled on selling the one house and buying the new one...I HATE buying/selling houses.  Have I said that before?  Well, it is true...feel like one of those circus dogs jumping through hoops.  Hopefully it will all be finalized soon and we can start getting settled in to our new home.  I have several projects I want to do right off the bat...a little painting, removing some wall paper, adding some shelves & ledges, and adding some counters & shelves to the craft room.  Getting anxious!!!

Well, here are the picks for this week:

1)  Baker's Twine Storage - I love this!  I have a few of these little balls of twine, what a fun way to store and keep visible so you will use.  Going to check the dollar store for a cheese shaker.

2)  Paper Bag Pocket - This is so cute.   It would make such a cute gift card/money holder with an extra treat tucked in.

3)  Crystal Light Containers - I am definitely a 'reuser', I save all kinds of containers because I always thing, "I can do something with this".  Well, she has a lot of great ideas for Crystal Light containers, several I will be copying!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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