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I am a SAHM mother of three...only one left home though. Paper crafting is my passion...I love creating things and saving memories. I also enjoy reading, baking, spending time with my friends and family, and walking my two furry children. My goal on my blog is to share something a little crafty, something yummy, and something fun every week. Thank you for visiting & comments are appreciated :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of 8/27/12

1)  Cherry Lynn Dies  - with all my 'hotel time', I have been spending copious amounts of time on the computer.  During one of my searches I came across this site.  They have beautiful, detailed dies.  There are also tutorials on how to use their flower dies to make lovely dimensional flowers. 

2)  Foil Drawings - this is soooo simple...I have used this technique before...years ago.  Now I see it in a whole different way...what a great ATC card it would make.  Of course, they use shoe polish, but you could use any alcohol ink to get a really different look.  Hmmm.....ideas are flowing!

3)Coin Art - If you are like me, you collect all kinds of things when you travel...coins being one of them. I also have a husband in the military who has been to many countries...and he brings home coins.  This is perfect.  I have one change though...I want to add an appropriate matted picture to the middle of the coins.  What a perfect keepsake to display.

Now an update:  We are still in a "holding pattern".  We had a few bumps to smooth out for the sale of our Ohio home to proceed.  Hopefully, it will all be finalized this week.  the purchase of the home here in Virginia is all set...just waiting on the sale of the other house and then we are a go.
Jarek is all ready for school to start next Tuesday.  We have his orientation this week as well as a back to school gathering.  I am sure he is getting a little anxious, but he seems to be handling it quite well.  I think the orientation will help with any uneasiness he might be feeling.
John and Jarek have been making good use of the club...golfing almost everyday.  They played in a father/son tournament this weekend.  They came in second!  We have also had lunch and dinner there several times.

Well, fingers crossed we will be able to start moving forward by the end of this week.  I am ready to be in my own space.  Enjoy your week!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


"The solution of every problem is another problem” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

So feeling this right now...we are still having issues with the sale/purchase of our home.   It has been a circle of issues.   We have NEVER had issues like this...and they are on both ends.  I am trying to remain as calm and worry free as possible, but I am fast approaching the end of that rope.  I wish I had something to craft :)

These temporary living quarters are starting to get on every one's nerves, too.  The dogs are restless, Jarek is ready for school to start, I am feeling a little useless - no house to clean, no meals to cook, no crafty things to work on...we are all ready to regain our normalcy.

Just as I was really starting to have a real pity party for myself...I get this in my fortune cookie at lunch...Hmmm, could someone be trying to tell me something?  I sure hope so!

Here's to a week of solutions and no more problems!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Smile! card

Just wanted to share a quick card I made...I had the image already colored (remember all those images I colored when the power was out for over 3 days???) and it needed a home.

Here's the Details:

Image:  Gumball Smiles from Pixie Dust Studio; after coloring with my pencils I applied Rock Candy Crackle paint over the jar.  This made the colors more vibrant and gave it more dimension.  I also added Crystal Effects over the 'smile' tag.

Papers:  Bo Bunny and card stock scraps from my scrap basket

Extras:  Bo Bunny red dotted ribbon, black rhinestones and pop dots for the image.

Sweet, simple card.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Looking for the Rainbow

This quote sums up my week and the perspective I am trying to have...We started the week  with multiple little issues to deal with on the selling of our house in Ohio ad the purchase of our house in Virginia.  Nothing major, but all things that  had to be taken care of before we could go further in the process.  Stressed out does not even begin to describe what I have been feeling... Thankfully, I think they have all been handled and now we just need to wait on our final offer on the house in Ohio and then we can close on the house here. We have bought/sold over 5 houses and have NEVER had issues like we are having this time.  I am ready for my 'rainbow' after all the 'rain' we have had :)

On Tuesday, we registered Jarek for school.  He will be a freshman...where has the time gone.  The school is impressive with a lot of great attributes.  The staff seems to be very helpful and supportive of the students.  maybe this will be the year for Jarek to finally realize that you can get great grades and be cool :)

After a little debate, I gave in and let John join the Army Navy Country Club.  He and Jarek are such avid golfers that it really did make since...and they have a lot of other things.  Tennis (not that any of us play...yet), several pools (one is an all adult!), fitness center, and social events.  It will also be an opportunity for Jarek for employment and individual growth.  So, we are members of a country club...how snotty does that sound?  We will be going to our first social event this evening.  John and Jarek will be playing in a father/son tournament tomorrow.  I guess it will be worth it.

Yesterday we ventured to a nearby outlet mall to do some back to school shopping for Jarek...and a few things for mom and dad.  Besides what is in the (rather blurry) picture, Jarek got:  2 pairs of shoes, two pairs of shorts, 5 more T-shirts (they are a part of the "school uniform"), a hoodie, another golf outfit and a couple pair of jeans.  Yes, you do see purses in that picture...my treat for putting up with my two boys while shopping :)  DH bought them for me.  I also got an outfit.  DH got a few things, too.  It was a fun afternoon.

On to the weekend!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of 8/13/12

What a week lat week was!  It was our first week in VA, my birthday, and time start getting used to the crazy traffic is area.

For my actual birthday, DH & DS brought me some beautiful roses and took me out to dinner which included cocktails.  After dinner we did presents back at "home".  It was a nice quiet evening.  Then on Sunday I went to my sisters, who is now only 2 hours away, and had dinner with her, her family, and my parents.  It has been awhile since we have all been together to celebrate any one's birthday.  Kevin, my sister's husband, made a delicious dinner...I think she might have helped a little :)  My dad made a cake...pineapple upside down.  It was a nice afternoon.  That evening I had dinner with my DH at one of my favorite restaurants, Mimi's...I didn't think there were any in VA.  What a treat!

OK, now on to a new week...still trying to get everything settled on selling the one house and buying the new one...I HATE buying/selling houses.  Have I said that before?  Well, it is true...feel like one of those circus dogs jumping through hoops.  Hopefully it will all be finalized soon and we can start getting settled in to our new home.  I have several projects I want to do right off the bat...a little painting, removing some wall paper, adding some shelves & ledges, and adding some counters & shelves to the craft room.  Getting anxious!!!

Well, here are the picks for this week:

1)  Baker's Twine Storage - I love this!  I have a few of these little balls of twine, what a fun way to store and keep visible so you will use.  Going to check the dollar store for a cheese shaker.

2)  Paper Bag Pocket - This is so cute.   It would make such a cute gift card/money holder with an extra treat tucked in.

3)  Crystal Light Containers - I am definitely a 'reuser', I save all kinds of containers because I always thing, "I can do something with this".  Well, she has a lot of great ideas for Crystal Light containers, several I will be copying!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birthday Card

Fun card I made to keep in my stash of cards.

Here's the details:

Image:  Sneaky Mouse from Sassy Cheryl's Digis - it is another one of the many I colored when the power was out.  After coloring I added Stickles...a lot of Stickles!  Never too much glitter, right?

Papers:  all from my scrap basket

Extras:  fibers (I was tired of ribbon), Candi dots in pink and purple, pop dots for image.

Have a good one!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of 8/6/12

OK, we made it to Northern Virginia!  We are settled into our suite...will be here for 30-60 days depending on how things pan out with the new house.  Jarek & I did a little exploring today.  We found a Kohl's (got a few back to school things), Michael's (things to make some simple thank you cards), Target (odds & ends) and checked into our mailbox service.  Now, time to do the laundry, but before I go...here are my 3!
1)  Memory Jars - OK, how many of us have little trinkets, bags of sand or rocks, stray sea shells all from places we have been?  Well, this is perfect!  You don't have to use an apothecary jar, any jar will work...base it on what you want to put inside.

2)Stampin' Up Owl Punch - Love It!  I have seen this all over blogs, Pinterest, and other crafty sites.  And it is not just for owls...I have seen penguins, ghosts, reindeer, bats, monsters, tulips...and the possibilities go on!  This is definitely on my wish list.

3)  Rhinestone Ornament - OK, I saw this on Pinterest and followed it back to it's link...where you can buy them.  Well, I like the angel, but once I saw this little ornament my mind took off...the possibilities!  Imagine a champagne ball with a rhinestone monogram and a fluffy bow at the top...perfect gift for a girlfriend.  Or just pearl swirls all over and a lacy bow...or a white ball with a black Stickle zebra stripes and a big, fluffy hot pink bow...I could go on, but you get the idea.  I think I know what I am making for Christmas gifts!

I hope your week is off to a great start.  Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Moving Day!

Everything is packed and loaded on the truck.  the house has been cleaned.  Our little trailer is FULL!  And we are off!  We made it half way today...stopping in West Virginia for the night...gonna be fun...2 dogs (who have NEVER been on a long drive or stayed in a hotel), one impatient teenager, one hyper husband and one mom (me :) who just wants a break and is sooo looking forward to some hotel time.

We will finish the drive tomorrow, take Sunday to get settled into the temporary lodgings, and thenMonday will be a well earned "day off".

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!