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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of 8/27/12

1)  Cherry Lynn Dies  - with all my 'hotel time', I have been spending copious amounts of time on the computer.  During one of my searches I came across this site.  They have beautiful, detailed dies.  There are also tutorials on how to use their flower dies to make lovely dimensional flowers. 

2)  Foil Drawings - this is soooo simple...I have used this technique before...years ago.  Now I see it in a whole different way...what a great ATC card it would make.  Of course, they use shoe polish, but you could use any alcohol ink to get a really different look.  Hmmm.....ideas are flowing!

3)Coin Art - If you are like me, you collect all kinds of things when you travel...coins being one of them. I also have a husband in the military who has been to many countries...and he brings home coins.  This is perfect.  I have one change though...I want to add an appropriate matted picture to the middle of the coins.  What a perfect keepsake to display.

Now an update:  We are still in a "holding pattern".  We had a few bumps to smooth out for the sale of our Ohio home to proceed.  Hopefully, it will all be finalized this week.  the purchase of the home here in Virginia is all set...just waiting on the sale of the other house and then we are a go.
Jarek is all ready for school to start next Tuesday.  We have his orientation this week as well as a back to school gathering.  I am sure he is getting a little anxious, but he seems to be handling it quite well.  I think the orientation will help with any uneasiness he might be feeling.
John and Jarek have been making good use of the club...golfing almost everyday.  They played in a father/son tournament this weekend.  They came in second!  We have also had lunch and dinner there several times.

Well, fingers crossed we will be able to start moving forward by the end of this week.  I am ready to be in my own space.  Enjoy your week!

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DistinctiveLMNts said...

Great use of your time, those ideas get the creative juices flowing indeed. I'm sure you are getting anxious to get things settled, and start crafting as well as just getting on with life. Take care and God bless.