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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look like Christmas....I wish!

Well, December 1st rolled around and I had all these grand plans to have all my decorations up, packages ready to mail, newsletter written & cards signed.....NOT! It all went downhill after my beautiful tree would not completely light up. I bought this beautiful champagne tree for all our military decorations and I decided I would put it up first. I fluffed the branches, connected the corns and plugged it in....half of the upper portion would not light. I was sick over it...this was a brand new tree, only used one season. Well, after a quick check and no resolve I decided to set it aside and move to something else.....lights for outside. ARGHHHHH! Only 3 out of 10 sets of lights were working, my cute penguins were only half lighting up and my candy can markers had been partially crushed due to improper packing. Ok, my Christmas cheer was quickly evaporating. So, again, I decided to put it aside...everything would look better the next day. Because I had spent so much time on the decorations, dinner was not ready or even thought of. I went to pick up a pizza....imagine my surprise when I returned home to find all 20+ Rubbermaid's and boxes of decorations piled all over my family room.

This is not how I work...I like to do one box at a time, putting away the empty boxes as I go...I quickly pushed down the complaints that rose to my lips when I saw how proud my husband was that he had 'helped me'. (Deep Sigh) I decided to deal with it all...half lite trees, inoperative lights, crushed candy canes & mountains of Rubbermaid's... tomorrow; and I watched Glee.

Oh, did I mention that I am trying a new eating plan with my sister & it is very low in carbs? Yeah, so now emotional eating because carrots just don't help when you are feeling this way.

I wish I could say that I awoke the next day ready to conquer it all,but I didn't. No, I awoke to an even worse feeling of being overtaken by the evil Christmas decorations and the need for escape, so...I went to craft with a girlfriend. I was hoping some creative time would help dissolve the growing feeling of being overwhelmed and motivate me to conquer the mess in my family room. We went to a local store for a make and take. We made the cute card to the left...the Santa can move around the clock & the clock hands can move. It is an easel card...cute.

After a little bit of girl talk, creative time and lunch I did return feeling a little more confident in my ability to win this battle over the Christmas decorations. I am happy to report that the tree is fixed, most of the Rubbermaid's are unpacked and back in their proper places, outside lights are hung, and two of the 4 penguins are working. I only have to repair the candy canes and try to find the problem with the other two penguins. Now I am not saying all my decorating is done...I still have a major banister to wrap, chandeliers to drape, another tree to put up and decorate, etc....but I am on my way and in control:)

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