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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep it simple

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated" ~ Confucius

While DH and DS were gone for 3 days and I had all these grand plans of the things I was going to get done....didn't happen. I did get a lot done, but I really think my list was a little over ambitious, so I am re thinking....

My goal this holiday is to keep things simple so I can enjoy the holiday. I always go overboard with decoration, parties, presents, cards, etc. This year I am going to try to keep everything on the simper side.

I scaled my gift list back and I am almost done with it. I have a few gifts left to get for family, but basically I am done. I ordered quite a bit online to avoid the shopping in the store experience...people & overspending avoided. I even have some of the gifts being wrapped and directly delivered:)

Cards...going to refine the list and use the cards I have in my stash. I mean really, i do swaps all the time & have dozens of holiday and winter themed cards so, why make a whole new set? to stress myself out? I will do the newsletter like I did last yer....a year in pictures. So much easier than trying to write something on each of us and make it interesting.

Parties...well I can't move Jarek's birthday so we will have two parties in December...his sleepover and our Annual Open House. John WILL be helping with the sleepover. he suggested they needed homemade french fries with their hot dogs, so guess who will manning the fryer? You got it - John!

Housewarming...well I have learned a couple of things after doing these for several years.
First, anything tastes good covered in chocolate...bring on the chocolate fountain! Simple prep and easy to watch during the party.
Second, if you only have one non-alcoholic beverage the children will drink it and be happy. Where's the punch bowl?
Finally, it does not really matter if the treats are homemade or store bought, people are just not that observant when it comes to sugar, so....why work for days making beautiful desserts? Cookies, brownies and mini cupcakes are perfect...no utensils required and easy to bake ahead of time.
If I follow these thins I can then focus on my guests and supervising the gingerbread house building. Anyone know an easy way to remove dried royal frosting from table tops? That stuff is like cement when it dries!

Decorating...I am going to actually go through my decorations as I unpack them and only put out the ones I love. I may be giving some away, because as I sit here I can think of several things in the boxes that we never put out. They need a new home.

Hopefully this simpler way will give me a chance to enjoy the holiday instead of stressing and running around like a chicken right up to Christmas day.

Now for swaps...did these last night...

These are for a Cricut Cut swap....

I really like the "Key to my Heart" set, I already have a layout in mind. the cuts are from the Sentiments cartridge. I left them a little plain so the recipient can alter them to their layout....ink, glitter, etc.

The fleur de lis are from the home Accents cartridge...this is one of my favorite shapes. I really love the glitter paper I used, it is a champagne color.

Can't wait to see what the others do.

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