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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Craziness!

Wow! This month has flown by and been filled with caziness. As you already know, if your read my other posts, we started the month off with a sleepover to celebrate Jarek's birthday. the following week I spent getting ready for our annual Christmas open house.

I had baking to do, gingerbread houses to prep, more decorations to put up, etc. Out of our three Christmas trees only one cooerated, the other two, with pre strung lights, decided to not light up completely. I was able to repair the champagne tree, but the other was hopeless. I spent 2+ hours folling strings, checking bulbs and rearranging cords...all to no avail. So, time for a new tree!

Our open house was very fun, as ususal, but we did have a much smaller crowd this year due to the weather. Instead of our ususal 75+ we had 35-40. The little kids enjoyed decorating their gingerbread houses, the big kids sompared iPods, iPhones and other electronics while the adults made merry. needless to say....lots of leftover goodies! I made plates up for the few neighbors who were not able to make it & Jarek delivered them on Monday...a snow day!

That brings us to the last week of school before break...they had two snow day! Great, that only leaves one for the rest of winter. Jarek had a lot of fun ont he first day...snowboarding and sledding with his friends. It was so nice...they are at the age now that I don't have to take care of them...almost didn't know that I had a living room full of kids:)

In between all that I managed to do a little crafting...I made these for my crafting girlfriends...they are fuzzy socks rolled up and stuffed in a sundae dish with a candy stick for a straw. I thought they turned out cute.

These are gift card holders...I got the idea from Sandy Genovese's sight...when you pull the card open the center square flips to reveal a gift card. I did adjust my pattern...her's did not fight in a standard envelope & i really didn't want to make envelopes, so with a little math I adjusted it so they will fit in a 5x7 envelope.

Today I have to wrap presents...one of my least favorite things to do...guess that is why I am updating my blog. Ok, I have procrastinated enough...I will wrap all presents today!

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