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I am a SAHM mother of three...only one left home though. Paper crafting is my passion...I love creating things and saving memories. I also enjoy reading, baking, spending time with my friends and family, and walking my two furry children. My goal on my blog is to share something a little crafty, something yummy, and something fun every week. Thank you for visiting & comments are appreciated :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hybrid Layouts

I have been experiementing wth my layouts...latest is "Hybrid Layouts". I create a digital layout and print. i then use that 8x11 as my main element in a traditional 12x12 layout. Add traditional embellishments...stickers, flowers, ribbon,e tc. I thought it might be a time saver...a little...maybe more as I get more comfortable with it. I like the way they came out though. What do you think...

DS helped with these...

This is definitely a techniques I will use again...not completely though...I still like my glitter, flowers and rhinestones:)

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