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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pin or Pass: Soda Cake

Soda Cakes, have you heard of them?  Of course I have made chocolate Coke cake, so this idea intrigued me.  There are several different pins for the soda cakes, but I especially liked this one because she addressed the one issue I noticed...gooey cake.  If you make it with just the soda and cake mix you get a gooey cake... delicious, but not quite the way I like it.  On this blog she adds one egg white and it makes all the difference!  Yummy!  Also, originally you are to use the cool whip for the frosting...she makes a butter cream.  I like the cool whip frosting, so I stayed with that.  She even has a list of cake mix-soda flavors to try.  I am thinking the cherry Coke with chocolate might be tasty ;)

So, Pin or Pass?  Pin!

Let me know what flavor combos you try!

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