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I am a SAHM mother of three...only one left home though. Paper crafting is my passion...I love creating things and saving memories. I also enjoy reading, baking, spending time with my friends and family, and walking my two furry children. My goal on my blog is to share something a little crafty, something yummy, and something fun every week. Thank you for visiting & comments are appreciated :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just had to share...

Since my accident I have received many well wishes, cards and treats in the mail.  I wanted to share a few of them here...

This card is from Irene...isn't it lovely?  She used a Simply Betty Stamp.  I really like the pink and green...one of my favorite color combos.  You can check out more of Irene's cards on her blog.

This one is from one of my BFF's, Brandi... BEAUTIFUL!  The flowers, the swirls, the die cut....it is just a beautiful card.  It will be going on my craft room wall.

This sparkly one is from Lisa, a fellow Diva.  It was included with the Couch Survival Kit that I shared with your earlier.  GLITTERY!  Does she know me or what???  She got a Cricut for Christmas and has been playing it a lot...this is one of her Cricut Creations.  Love it!

This cute one is from another Diva, Elizabeth.  You can't see it in the picture, but she added some texture (crackle paint???) to the birdhouses.  So cute...love it!

Finally, some of the other cards I received.  I truly appreciate all my well wishes, cards, flowers and even a few home cooked meals.  And I am glad to report that I am finally walking again...with crutches, and rather slowly, but walking.  the rest will come with time.


Irene's Creations said...

I am soo happy that you are up walking again. From another "broken footed friend", I KNOW how hard it is to be "couch bound" and not walking. Continuing to pray for your complete recovery!!!

Marie97 said...

Thank you, Irene. I knew you would understand...I remember when you had boots. I know I will get there, but patience is not one of my virtues :)