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Friday, September 7, 2012

Flash Back Friday: Beach Fun

While in the hotel, I brought some pictures to organize.  I am printing, gathering and making notes on how I want to scrap book them.  While doing this I came across the 100's of Key West pictures we have and I remembered this layout.  I originally designed this for a class I was teaching.  I created the pelican myself and made a pattern for the attendees.  The rest of the page is pretty clean and simple:  textured square with Cricut cut letters for the sign, logs were cut on the Cricut and strung with twine, I free handed the fish and added Stickles to them.   I think this will be perfect for our beach day!  Fun part:  I have not made a 'tear animal' in over 2 years, I am excited to do it again.  I love making the animals and watching them 'come to life' as you assemble and add details.   

What will you be working on this weekend?

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