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Friday, September 14, 2012

Flash Back Friday: Central Park Layout

 I posted this quote, along with a challenge, on my FB group page the other day.  I challenged them to post pics and details of their "priciest' layouts...because this is SOOOO true!  I do believe that most of us spend far more than we realize on our layouts and I thought it would be fun to take a look at it.
Now, since I am in between moves I was limited on where I could look but this is the 'priciest' one I could find...

WOW!  $33.09 for  9 pictures....WOW!  It was a gift...and I do love the way it turned out...so, that is what matters.  I made it for a girlfriend's daughter...I knew I wanted to make it for her as soon as I saw the pictures posted on FB.  I love the vellum technique...funny thing, I haven't used it since...really must remember it for my next special page.  Of course, as per my MOA...lots of glitter and glitz...which ups the price tag.  Now the million dollar question:  will I change my scrapping after seeing the $$$ in black & white?  Nope!  It is my thing...my stress relief...my creative outlet...my art.  And, art is priceless :)

Ahh...now I have to get back to my painting, but I hope you have a happy Friday!  Try to be as happy as this little guy...doesn't he just make you smile?

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