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Monday, May 21, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of: 5/21/12

Had a lovely weekend...band concert on Friday evening...hard to believe that it will be Jarek's last.  He has decided to not continue with band in high school.  Then Saturday was a baseball day...Opening Day for Jarek's league.  We had ceremonies in the morning and then a scrimmage in the afternoon.  Sunday was just a relaxing family day...church, brunch, and a little shopping.
All this 'boy stuff' this weekend got me thinking about Fathers' Day...and my picks for this week reflect that...

1.  Fathers' Day Wreath - found this on Pinterest and I love it.  I think I am going to pick up the stuff to do this...with a few changes.  First, my husband would not wear a bow tie, so I am going to change it to a regular tie.  going to do a black wreath, since that is what my husband wears the most.  Finally, I will paint my letters to match whatever tie I choose.  Think it is going to be cute.

2.  Jacket Card - I am follower of this blog and I really like this card.  It is a variation of the suit/shirt cards that we have all seen and done.  This is very elegant.  

3.  Any Size Envelope Tutorial - I love this tutorial...so simple, but a great tool.  I know I often make cards with out thinking of the envelope and then I am hunting just the right size.  I usually end up with one that is too wide or too long...now, that problem is fixed!

Hope you have a creative week.  Remember, let me know what you think of the "Pick 3's"...I love comments!

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