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Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of Many Chapters

 Actually many chapters.  this week is proving to be a little emotional for me, and next week will be no better.  This is Jarek's last year of Middle School and his confirmation is on Sunday...many 'chapters' coming to an end.

It started with his final band concert on Tuesday.  While he enjoys playing the saxophone, he has decided that there are others classes he would rather take in high school, so not only was this his last middle school concert, but his last band concert.  To make it even more bittersweet, his band director is leaving and it was his final concert at Ankeney Middle School as well.  It is amazing to me how far Mr. Jacobs was able to the bring the band in three years.  I am hoping that while Jarek will not be taking band in school, that he might pursue his playing in other ways

One to Wednesday night's Confirmation practice...the ceremony on Sunday will mark two years of commitment on these 19 teenagers part.  They have attended church, assisted with services, attended Sunday school, attended Wednesday night gatherings, participated in youth retreats, completed community service projects, wrote sermon reports...and so much more.  I have had the pleasure to assist the youth directer with this program and get to know all of the kids on some level.  It is incredible to me the growth of these young people and how far they have come.  I truly enjoyed being around them and being able to help with this program.   I have seen so much growth in Jarek....not just in his faith, but just as a person.  Sunday will be an emotional day.

Sunday will not be the end...Wednesday will be Jarek's last day of middle school...on to high school!  On top of all of Jarek's 'final chapters' we are facing a move over the summer, so more 'ends'.  Needless to say, with all the emotions flying I have not done much creating....next week...hopefully.

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