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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cake Shooters

No post yesterday because I was busy creating in the edible way. I decided that we needed a special treat for the last confirmation gathering...CAKE SHOOTERS! I already had the push up forms...purchased those when I saw them on Pinterest. Now, what flavors... Jarek requested brownie with mint, so brownies with mint frosting and an Andes on top. Next, had to have fun fetti cake with bubble gum frosting...fun! Finally, strawberry cake with fluffy white frosting and sprinkles.

First to bake the brownies and cakes. I used mixes...not many teenagers can tell the difference...and I baked them in disposable sheet cake pans. Once they cooled I used one of the push up forms as my cutter and I cut all my circles out.

Now to prepare the frosting. For the mint and bubblegum I used the new Mix Ins by Duncan Hines.

Time to assemble! I layered two cake circles with frosting. I used my decorator tool for the frosting. I topped each final layer of frosting with a little something and then put the lid on. 0nce they were all completed and my kitchen cleaned up, I had to figure out how to transport them to the church without getting destroyed. This was a real challenge, but I finally came up with a quick fix. Note to self- make a holder before making again.

The kids loved them!

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