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Monday, February 13, 2012

Chef in Training

Jarek...Chef in Training!
What a wonderful ending to a nice weekend!  I didn't have to cook...and had help cleaning up after dinner. 
Sunday evening my son decides that he wants to make dinner and he wants it to be grilled chicken.  Forget the fact that I have not thawed any and it is already 4:30 or that is is like 22 degrees outside...But, hey, I am not one to turn down help so I told him I would help him thaw the chicken quickly, but properly and he could grill inside.  So, he not only got a lesson on ow to thaw meats properly, but also how to multitask during dinner so you end up with a complete, hot meal AND a clean kitchen.  The menu:  grilled chicken, pesto penne, and buttered green beans.  Not very challenging, but...that is OK.  It was delicious.  Well, at least I know he will not starve :)

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