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Monday, February 15, 2010


Ok, so the previous snow has not even finished melting and here it comes again. Good news is that I finished my cards for swap (will post pic later), bad news is that it is not looking too good for school tomorrow. Ohhhhh... after last week I was really looking forward to them going back. Recap: Last week they were on for two days, had two snow days and then off Friday & today for Presidents' day! I am not going to compain...my friends in MD have had it much worse...I am not even sure how many days they have been out. Oh, well...at least I have lots of firewood, hot chocolate mix & marshmallows:)

On another note...Valentines' day was nice...and quiet. We celelbrated early because Joh was supposed to be flying out again. We just did dinner out and then gifts. John got me a cute stuffed animal, pretty pink Coach purse, and a beautiful purple paisley-ish ring. I got John a coffee maker he has been wanting. Jarek made us a cute card and helped me make breakfast with our new waffle iron. All in all it was a nice day.
I am hoping to play with my new Cricut Expression tonight...I have had it a week and not even used it yet...I have a layout I want to do and I will need the bigger machine...after dinner...which I need to go make before they start gripping for it.

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