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I am a SAHM mother of three...only one left home though. Paper crafting is my passion...I love creating things and saving memories. I also enjoy reading, baking, spending time with my friends and family, and walking my two furry children. My goal on my blog is to share something a little crafty, something yummy, and something fun every week. Thank you for visiting & comments are appreciated :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How time flies....

when you are busy! It has been over 10 days since I have been on here and I have to much to share...cards, layouts, etc. I will have to post the pics tomorrow though...need batteries.

We had a wonderful weekend...lots of shopping. I am not sure why, just ended up that way. I am not complaining...who doesn't like to shop??? And I got a new purse...one I have been eyeing for a few months, but didn't want to spend it. Hubby actually got it for me, said he knew I must want it since I have had to 'visit' it every time we have been in the exchange. Good Boy:) Isn't it pretty?

Got quite a few things for the house...things that will help complete that 'to do' list that has been hanging around. Now to just do them.

I have a class tomorrow night...calendar club...really must finish getting ready for it.


Anonymous said...

Love the new purse!!!

Anonymous said...
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