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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trying Something New: Napkin Fold Card

Quick share today...

I have been trying to challenge myself a bit and do new things.  this card, for a swap, did that.  This is the napkin fold card.  Honestly, I am not sure about it....although it seems to be growing on me.  the first two I made i just threw in the trash...awful!  The folds didn't match up, the card stock was too thick and cracked on the folds, etc.  So, this one, that made the cut, I used a medium weight card stock and really took my time with the folds.  I like it...I may even try another one!  

Do you challenge yourself when creating?  How?



Misty said...

Bookedmarked fro when I have a day to try this TFS

Lisa Frederick said...

Totally going to try it! Reminds me of a "cootie catcher" or a "fortune teller" from elementary-school days. Remember those? Such a fun fold. Thx for sharing. Coming at you from CBIF!

Marie97 said...
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Marie97 said...

I do remember those! It is exactly like that too...just one extra step at the end. Thanks for looking!