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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reading Challenge: 5 Down!

Into the second month of this challenge and I have already read 5 books!  This past week I read 2 books, both lighter reads and on the shorter side.  

The first book I read was "a book you haven't read since high school", The Great Gatsby.  I have to say I definitely had a different take on the book this time.  Originally when I read it in high school I was looking for the happy ending to the love story between Gatsby and Daisy.  However, this time I realized the shallowness of both characters and had no sympathy for their situations.  Still a wonderful read, a true classic.

Next I read a book "that takes place on an island",  Murder by The Seaside.  I happened to find this book on bookbub , it is by an author I am not familiar with, but it takes place on Chincoteague Island in Virginia so it caught my eye.  I enjoyed the book, a light mystery with a dash of romantic comedy.  It was a nice light, entertaining read that went quickly.  I enjoyed it so much that I did a bit of research and found there are two more books in the series have begun the second one for "book with a blue cover".

 What are you reading?


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