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Saturday, May 23, 2015

My First Pocket Letter Swap

My newest swap with my FB group was one of the new things, pocket letters.  OK, I have to start by saying how incredibly fun this swap was!  It was so stress free.  I mean, sometimes when I join a swap I feel stressed to outdo others...my type A personality I guess.  This was so not like that.  So, check it out....

First we started with a page map...this really took a lot of the struggle of what to put out of the swap.   

Next, I added paper squares to each pocket so my "letter" would look pretty from both sides.  I used a summer print from BoBunny...perfect for the theme of Summer Fun.

Now, all the fun stuff....stickers, tags, rhinestones, flowers, a handmade quote tag, and my letter.  I do have to point out that quote tag....I love it and had a really hard time including it!  I found a free clip art frame, added my sentiment and then printed out.  I printed an extra frame to add dimension to parts of the card.  I then added pearls, stickles and glitter pen to make it really stand out.  

My finished product.  Best thing, when folded up it fits in a regular legal size envelope!  

I hope my partner likes her pocket letter as much as I liked putting it together!

Have you tried the latest thing, pocket letters?  



Cindy E. Rapson said...

Wicked cool!! I enjoyed making mine as much as you enjoyed making yours. I love how you started with all pockets having the same paper in it. Makes for a very cohesive project. I know who MY partner is but have no idea from whom I'll be receiving. What a cool way to do this... :)

sloane said...

Making the pocket card was so much fun! It was so quick easy too, even though I created some items especially to include in the pockets.