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Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Altered Altoid Tin

So this was for a swap.  I have never done an altered Altoid tin, so...I had no plan when I sat down.  The theme was "Flights of Fantasy".  While the end result doesn't have a lot of 'fantasy' going on, it has 'flight' covered.  

I dumped out my embellishment jar and pulled things I liked...the butterfly, "happy" tile, and the quote on the inside. I then pulled some scrap papers.  I decided it needed an accent color so I used purple, favorite of the recipient.  I had this window tin in my stash and decided to use it instead of the used Altoid tin I had originally planned on.  I liked the idea of the window.  Then I got my glue and went to work.  I love when there is no plan...just free creating.  I am happy with the end result.  What do you think?

Happy Monday!



Jeannette said...

I Love this. Now it makes me sorry I didn't get in on this swap.

Vanessa said...

Is so pretty love the flowers, the butterfly is lovely!

Sukie said...

Very pretty, the flowers look great and I love the sparkly embellishments!

Cara Malmrose said...

This is so pretty! You rocked the freestylin!
TFS - xx Cara xx