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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stitched with Love

Finally getting to use that wonderful embroidery machine my DH gave me for Christmas.  His one request for his birthday, " personalized golf towels".  So...that sounds easy, right?  Ha!  Well, the first one was a breeze.  Simple monogram, no color changes.  Then I began the red one...9 color changes, add initials to original design...still should be pretty easy.  Well, 4 hours later it is done.  Yes, I said 4 hours.  It was one of those, anything that can go wrong will go wrong!  Broken needle, knotted thread, thread stuck in needle housing, bobbin out of thread, towel stuck in bobbin housing...you name, it happened.  It did turn out great though ;)  I look at it this way, I am now prepared for anything...it was a great learning experience.

Oh...he loved them...made it all worth it.

Enjoy your day!


Cara said...

I image your husband was thrilled - these look great!
TFS - Cara

Sukie said...

The embroidery looks fabulous, I'm sure your hubby will appreciate all of the time you put into creating these! BIF