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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Layouts for....

2012!  Now you would think that would mean I am caught up...NOT!  I have just decided to work on pictures as I take them and then go back and do the hundreds on my computer when I have nothing current to work on.  I am getting there...I just have to do a few more for 2009 and 2010 and I will be current.  Ahhh, then I can move on to other projects.

This is what we started with (Jarek was working on the layout for his book):

All the items are from a swap I participate in with my Facebook group, Paper Crafting Divas.  This particular month I participated in both groups.  I love this swap because it makes scrapping my pages so much easier.  Each participant picks an element and make 5 of them, them we put them together in sets.  So, when you get your swaps back you essentially have a layout kit.  Now, you can use them for a one page, two page or whatever page layout...it is completely up to you.

So, here are the layouts:

 This is mine.  I used the title box, one photo mat and an embellishment from the kits.  I added background card stock and matted the pictures.    On the title box I added a strip of paper for journaling and the title "Easter" with stickers. 

This is Jarek's.  he used the journal box and a photo mat from the kits.  He added background card stock and matted the pictures.  He also created a title using a banner and cut out from the Cricut.

Just a note, we were using the same sketch, but one of us mixed it up a bit!


Corinne said...

Great job Marie, LOVE the layout...looks like ya'll had a GREAT Easter..

Christina Collins said...

Ooh! Beautiful.
I love the flower in the middle. The colors are so vibrant!