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Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness

It has hard to believe that we are already into the third month of 2012, March.  A few fun things in March:
  • National Craft Month – what are you creating this month?
  • Red Cross Month – let’s talk about safety
  • National Noodle Month – make a noodle dish for dinner!
  • National Peanut Month –how many times can you eat PB this month?
  • Women’s History Month – maybe a book on a woman you look up to?
  • Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month – hmmm....I don't think my two furry children would like this!
  • National Nutrition Month - eat healthy this month...and keep it up :)

 I have been having a hard time focusing on getting things done so far this year...procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, getting side tracked...so...a plan! I am going to start making monthly goals (list...I <3 lists!) and then reviewing it at the end of the month. So, here goes...

Goals for March

1. Postings...I will post At least three times a week. Hopefully a food entry, card entry, and then a miscellaneous entry.

 2. Challenges...to enter at least 3 challenges a week. I would like to find some scrapbook page challenges to do as well.

3. Scrapbook Catch Up...my big goal for 2012 was to get all books caught up, so...I need to do at least 3 layouts a week.

4. Health/Working out...has nothing to do with paper crafting, but I want to put it in writing...to continue working out 5x a week and counting calories so I can continue to lose weight. 6 pounds is my goal for the month.

5. Show a little kindness every day. I want to make it a point to be kinder every day...good deeds, compliments, helping out, sending a note to someone who needs a smile, being polite...just brighten others lives in small ways.

Wow, sounds like a lot, but I know I can do it if I can just keep focused.what are your goals for the month? How are you planning to accomplish them?

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