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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day of Rembrance...

Ten years ago today I was in the kitchen cleaning up for the crazy school morning rush. My two preteens were at school, John (DH) was out of town on business and my 3 year old was in the family room playing. I remember hearing my son say something like " the plane hit the buildings", but I really didn't pay too much attention to it...he was three. then my girlfriend, Brandi, called and asked me if I had the TV on. I went into the family room and immediately saw what she, and my three year old, had been talking about. I changed the channel for my son and went into the other room to watch while I talked to Brandi. I remember sitting there in utter shock. There were just no words for the feelings, tears streamed down my face for all those directly suffering, their families and for me. It did not take long for me to realize that as a military wife, our lives were about to change..this would effect us, even though we did not loose a loved one on that terrible day.

Over the past ten years my husband, a very proud Marine Colonel, has spent approximately 5+ years away from home. he has been deployed statewide and overseas, he has worked with reservists and active duty military . He has attended more funerals than any one should have too. He has missed many little things protecting our country with his fellow military.

My son has been without his father for 5+ years of the past ten, but he is very proud of his father and considers him a hero. He understand, as much as he can, what his father is doing is for him. As a result, their time together is very precious...they are very close.

Unfortunately, my two older children...my step children...did not behave the best when their father had to be away, so they went back to live with their mother. It has greatly effected our relationship with them.

Finally, I have been with out my husband for 5+ years and had to be a single mom a lot of the time. Now, I am not complaining, as I am also very proud of my husband...all military...and everyone who has had a part in the aftermath of 9/11...but I will admit that it has not been easy.

So, today I take a minute to reflect and remember, and to say a prayer for all the lives lots, the lives changed, the survivors, the first responders, the military.....for all Americans that we NEVER FORGET.

Do you remember what/where you were?

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