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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day....how was yours?

Mine was a little crazy since I still had not come up with a good gift for my husband the morning of...then it his me..."KISS". I had been working on scanning in old pictures and several I came across were of us kissing during different stages of our lives...I would make him a 12x12 layout for his office wall. So, I came up with my sketch, picked my pictures , gathered my supplies and got to work....I think it turned out pretty good! A wonderfully unique gift for my wonderful husband.

Now to finish the candy bouquets for DH and DS....I had never made these before and I think I got a little bored with idea about half way through, but they still turned out nice.

I made us a spaghetti dinner with chocolate fondue for dessert...YUM! We had a nice quiet evening...and for once my husband listened to me...no flowers or candy, just my perfume.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

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Getting Hooked said...

I really like your Kiss gift! It is so cute!