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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ladies Night was....

a delicious success! All the desserts turned out great...and the laies loved them. the pairs worked very well together and some even tried new wines...they relly crack me up though when they always ask me..."Did you do this all yourself?" Who would've done it....does it look store bought....They really don't know me very well do they? I actually enjoy making the food and coming up with a different type of theme.
(Part of the 'tablescape' pre-wine....I forgot to photgraph the fondue area:( )
The cards were just the right speed for everyone...no problems. They were all very proud that they were able to make all three cards in about 20 minutes...even thought they might try it on their own....Maybe I should have given them a little insight into the fact that I did about 85% off the work....came up with the idea, made the demo, cut-printed-stamped all pieces....all they had to do was glue and tie one knot. Oh, well...didn't want to burst any bubbles...they will find it when, and if, they do attempt to create their own cards.
(this was the favorite sweet...mint brownies.)

Overall, a nice evening.

(This was my new recipe...devil's food mousse in phyllo cups with fresh raspberries....Yummy!)

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