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Friday, March 5, 2010


OK...my girlfriend's daughter posted her pics from her recent trip to New York. When I saw her Central Park pictures I got an idea for a layout, so...since I often do some or her layouts, I told her mom I would do these. After two days of sketching the layout, fixing & resizing pictures, re-sketching to include all pics, etc. I finally sat down this evening to create the actual layout. this is what I did...

The picture really does not do it justice...it is so much prettier 'in person'. I used almost every girly embellishment...rhinestones, pearls, flowers, glitter, ribbon...I put rhinestones around the vellum cutouts. I used flower soft metallic filigree corners on some of the pictures. I sprinkled white flower soft on the edges of the flowers to mimic snow. I used glitter paper for the letters & accents. I added rhinestones to the flower centers. Took me about 2 hours, but I think the end result speaks for itself.

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