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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Next Chapter

It has been almost 4 months since I last blogged, and a lot of things have changed.  We are on to a new adventure!  In July, after Jarek's graduation, we moved to Tennessee.  DH had already started a new job and had been living there since November 2015, it was time for us to join him.  Jarek came with us, he is currently attending college locally and living at home.  We are living in a rental townhouse...quite the fun with three adults & three dogs :)  We had hoped our house in Virginia would have sold already and we would be building our final home in a golf course community here, but, as it seems to always be lately, things are not going as planned.  The house in Virginia is still on the market!  DH &I have decided that since this is going to be a much longer term situation than originally thought we need more space.  So, in three weeks we will be moving into a rental house.  Yeah...moving again!  It will e a much better situation for us...4 bedrooms, fenced yard, and a pool.  While our living situation will be much improved, I have to find something for me to do.  I am feeling a little lost without all my volunteer "jobs", my real job, Bunco group, etc.  I am missing it all and have not found any replacement for it yet.  The good thing is I will have access to my craft stuff, so...maybe I will work on catching up my scrapbooks.   

While we have been in the townhouse I have been taking the dogs for twice daily walks at the marina in the neighborhood we are going to build our house.  In an effort to fill that creative spark I have been playing with photography.  It is a beautiful neighborhood with lots of photo opportunities.   To make it a little more challenging, I take a daily quote as my photo inspiration on my walk.  Here are a few:

While I am looking forward to having my craft stuff, I am enjoying the photography.  I have also been trying to bullet journal.  This I am having a little trouble with.  I just don't make the time daily to do it.  Maybe in the new house where the dogs will not have to be watched so much, I will be able to make a routine of it.  I do like it....just have to find the time to do it daily.   

I am also trying to catch up on my reading challenge...17 of 40 books read.  Only 23 more to read until the end of the year...I think I can!

What are you crafting?  Have you recently tried something new?  What do you think of bullet journaling?


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