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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reading Challenge: 2nd Quarter Off to a Good Start!

I am so ahead for this 2nd quarter!  Barely a month in and I have already read 3 books.  This week  I only planned to read "a book that will bring you joy", but I ended up also do the "book you can read in 1 day".  Both were by my favorite author, Richard Paul Evans.  I read The Mistletoe Promise and The Mistletoe Inn.  

 This was an extremely fast read, but his books usually are for me.  It is a lovely Christmas story filled with Evans' usually optimism and great characters.  

Initially I was a bit disappointed when I realized this was not a "part 2" to the first book, but I quickly got over that as I began meeting the new characters for this story.  Another well written, fun read.  

I am now reading a "dystopian novel".  I have to say, this genre is really not my thing, but....I decided to read something that I managed to avoid reading is high school, but thought I might appreciate at this age.  

What are you reading?


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