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Sunday, January 3, 2016

My One Word for 2016

I came across this post on FB and was intrigued.  


I went to the page to read more...then the Twitter page, the blog.  I loved it.  In our crazy busy, already over extended lives who needed another list of things to do?  I sure don't and, besides, we know what happens to those resolution, don't we? So, I spent two days thinking about what my one word would be.  So many good ones....kindness, strength, focus, motivation...but I wanted one that would challenge me to move out of the rut I have been in.  Finally it came to me, CHANGE.  In order to get out of a rut we have to change, so...it was perfect.  Each day I will focus on change...big or little...it will all help me to get out of that rut.  
Yesterday I started.  Normally when my husband and son go on their annual boy trip, I just stay home...I have no close friends here and I really dislike eating out alone.  Well, yesterday I went out and made a morning of it.

Princess Pink with Unicorn Tears
Raisin bread with shaved ham,
apples, & cheddar - YUM
 I got my nails done - not a French manicure either (small change).  Then I went to lunch at a restaurant...by myself and I got something the waiter recommended instead of my usual.  
The meal, Vermonter sandwich with sweet potato fries, was delicious.  I would have never ordered this, but changing my normal behavior not only gave me a new tasting experience, but lead to a chat with my waiter and leftovers for dinner!

Now, I have already thought about how I will keep this going and I am going to make my lock screen on all of my devises this:  

A little reminder to make those changes every day.

So, what would your one word be?

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