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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Favorite Things

I wanted to share a fun ladies night we had with the neighborhood Women's Club.  We had a Favorite Things Party.  First I asked everyone to tell me their favorite song when they RSVP'd and I created a playlist to use as background music and to queue us as to who's turn it was.  Each person was insturcted to bring 5 of their favorite things under $5 each.  It could be ANYTHING!  Beauty product, kitchen item, recipe with samples, etc.  We got such a variety....almond milk, frozen garlic tabs, chocolate, caramal apples, fashion tape, fuzzy socks, mini flower arrangements, purse organizers, etc.  So, when your song came on you would get up and tell about your favorite thing...why it was your favorite, where you got it, how much.  Then you would pick 5 names out of the basket and give your items to those ladies.  Each person went home with 5 new things to try.  It was really a lot of fun...so much that we are going to make it a regular part of our annual meeting!

My five things I received were:  flower arrangement (so pretty & I got to keep the vase), mini spatula for make up bottles (can't wait to try this - I always hate through out those bottles that you know there is still some in there but you can't get it), fashion tape (always a good thing to have), caramal, chocolate apple (YUM!), and a super, cute dish brush (brightens my day when I am doing dishes).  

I can not wait until next year!


Darcy Schroeder said...

What a fun idea!! I would love to do this as winter can get pretty dull here!! What a great way to liven things up!!
BIF friend

Marie97 said...

It really was a lot of fun. I am already thinking on a favorite thing for next year!