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Monday, December 3, 2012

Pick 3 for the week of 12/3/12

What a weekend!  Jarek had a couple of friends over Friday night...I think I fed them constantly!  Growing boys :)  Then Saturday, after the boys left, we met the family at a restaurant for a dual birthday lunch...Marvin, my nephew, will be 16 on the 6th and Jarek will be 15.  Sunday was yard work, trips to recycling and goodwill, and more organizing.  This has got to be the longest it has ever taken me to get things unpacked and organized.  Downsizing is a pain!

So, here are my picks for this week...

1)  Scrappy Christmas Tree - this is a great project for you or your kids....use up all your pretty paper scraps or give them construction paper.  I personally would add a topper...big fluffy bow, maybe...and then dust the entire tree with diamond dust.  Pretty!

2)  Ribbon Wreath - another great scrappy project!

3)  Christmas Cookie Cocktails - YUM!  need I say more?

OK, I am on the last 2 boxes of craft room stuff....my craft room will officially be done today...Yeah!  I will share pics later.  Enjoy your day!

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