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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pic 3 for the week of 10/8/12

Yes, yes...I know I am a day late.  I decided to take yesterday off, it was a holiday :)  The past week was crazy busy with our goods being delivered on Monday and then trying to unpack and put away everything.  Oh, and through in a yard sale too!  Yes, my DH decided that we need to have a yardsale to get rid of some of the things we knew we were not keeping...Now, I was not against the idea, but I would have rather waited a little.  However, we did great...got rid of all the large items and most of the small.  Only 3 small boxes went to Goodwill!  So, back to unpacking....I do not think I am ever going to finish...I truly believe my boxes are multiplying!

I have not even begun to unpack my craft room.  Fortunately, the boxes were marked very well (thanks, Juanita!) and I have been able to find things as I need them...I had swaps to create!

So, yesterday...while relaxing I had time to peruse Pinterest and the web for inspiration/ideas.  Here are a few that I want to share with you...you can see I still have a little "Halloween on the brain".

1)  Blood Fondue - love this!  This will give me another day I can use the chocolate fountain I bought for our holiday open house.

2)  Page Pockets - what a great way to reuse...I love the idea of the window pockets for little bits in a journal or page layout.  You could put in ticket stubs, labels, notes, etc.  Check our here entire post on this journal she created...lots of other reuse ideas.

3)  You've Been Booed! - this just adorable.  I love the whole "boo-ing" thing...especially since a lot of children don't even trick-or-treat anymore.  I wish I could say I did mine as cute as this, but...no.  We did 'boo' two of our neighbors last night, but I used Halloween bowls and covered them with clear cello and tied with a bow.  I am sure this kids didn't care, but I would like to use this idea for next year.

OK, I think I have procrastinated enough...I am sure I have 20+ more boxes not (multiplying...remember?), so I better get back to it.  Enjoy your week!

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