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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What is your creative Process?

So, everyone always asks me how I come up with my layouts.  I guess I do have a "process", I just never really thought about it.  Here is how I do it...

First, I look at the pictures from the event on my computer...I do not print anything out until I have my plan.  I like to use different size pictures, so once I know just what I need, I only print those pictures out.  No waste :)  I pick the ones that MUST go on the layout and then I choose a few for 'filler'.  The 'fillers' will get used if I need another picture to keep the layout balanced.  Now I know how many pictures I have and I know which ones are the most important.

I start sketching.  Very basic, just arranging the pictures.  Once I like the arrangement I will add details to the sketch.  I also decide the sizes of the pictures I will need to print.

Now I print the pictures, gather papers, find embellishments and make any Cricut Cuts I will need.

Time to lay it all out like the sketch....I am going to be honest, what looks good on paper doesn't always look good in actuality, so...time to tweak things until I like the layout.  Even though my layouts do not always look exactly like my sketches, the sketch really does help me with my process...it gets me organized.

Finally, ADHESIVE!  Glue, pop dot, tape everything in place.

Last, but not least, add the story.  Sometimes I journal on the computer, sometimes I write it out.  It all depends on how much journaling is needed and how much space I left myself.

Here is the sketch I did recently....

a few embellishments I picked out for the layout...

 I cut the white daisies on the Cricut, double layered them, and then added a felt flower on top.

 These are by Jolee's...super cute plastic and rhinestone embellishments.

And here is the layout...

So, how do you create?  What is your process?

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bloomwhereyouareplanted said...

You should make a book of these. Gorgeous!