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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

The new year is here...welcome 2012.  I have been working rather diligently on getting my photos and all craft things organized.  My goal for the year is to get those family albums caught up.  I know that this will be much easier if I have everything organized.  So,...

All old photos have been gone through, organized and pared down to one large box instead of the 8 photo boxes from before.  I have organized all digital photos as well...separating them into yearly folders and moving them onto the external hard drive.  Now, I need to organized all video and then I will be ready to move to phase two of this plan...figuring out what has/hasn't been scrapped yet.  That will be next week's project.  Once that is done then I can just start with a page a day & should be able to get caught up in the family albums rather quickly. 

My other goal for the new year is to put a little more focus on me...taking the time to work out, making healthier choices with food, allowing some "me" time each day, etc.  Obviously, i would like to loose some weight, but that is t=not the primary goal.  I just need to find me again.

The final goal I have is to do a major letting go...letting go of things, people, etc...anything that no longer makes me happy, brings me joy or is a positive influence in my life.  We just get so bogged down in today's world with things and people....so, my new philosophy is this...if you do not bring something positive to my world, then you are gone....person or thing.

I will be posting crafty stuff next week...going to Brandi's for the weekend and hoping to get a few projects done.

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