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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cardiology with Val

Today I attended "Cardiology with Val" at one of our local scrapbook stores, Simply Scrapbooks (http://www.simplyscrapbooksoh.typepad.com/my-blog/). Val, one of their many talented designers does a weekly card that you can drop in and make. She always highlights either a technique, product, paper, etc. This week card was a father's day card...and it's a cute one! I think Jarek will like it for giving to his dad. The technique she introduced to the group was the inking with your emboss folder (see below for instructions). Simple technique with a lot of punch. We used the technique on the card face. The great thing is that Val preps just about everything for you, so you can make a nice card in just a matter of minutes....and all for $1.00!

Emboss folder inking: simply use your brayer to apply ink to one side of your emboss folder. Place paper inside & run through Cuttlebug as usual. Depending on what side you ink will determine your print...negative or positive space inked...Play with it a little...great for backround, etc.

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