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Monday, September 20, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Even though it was a long weekend (4 days for us) it went by all too quickly. We made a trip home to visit my grandmother who is very ill. This was a very emotional, but necessary trip for all. We also visited with other family: Aunt & Uncle who we haven't seen since.....don't know when even though they live minutes from my Mom-Mom; my sister. this was the first time we have visited with her & her husband since his accident last year. He has had a lot of ups & downs since his accident & his vision is not getting better, so...all around, very emotional.

During our long drive home I had time to reflect on the visit. First, it brought into perspective what is really important in our lives. Second, it made me realize that we are very fortunate in many ways. Thirdly, it made me appreciate that I have a family and while we are not all close, we are there for one another when needed.

Finally, I have to share a picture I took on our way out of town....

whether is was lack of sleep, emotional duress or what; I found this sign to be hilarious.

Now, back to the real world...laundry, bills, homework, etc. Definitely some crafting too...if nothing else, this weekend made me realize that life is too short...do what you love & tell the ones you love how much you love them.

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